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I don’t know if you’re like me, but I get a lot of cool music on my dash and then I like it, but it just disappears into the abyss of other likes and then I never listen to it again.. Well, I was through with that, so i decided to make a music blog.  Here you can find music I like to listen to while i work on my drawings, or music I just find interesting in general. 

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1. I dye my hair bright red. 

2. I’m 154cm tall. Or, short rather.

3. I have a unicorn/pegasus kigurumi to make me Kawaii as hell. 

4. My favorite food of all time is chocolate. Chocolate is a food now. 

5. i’m the Capricorn, and my Chinese sign is the Sheep. A lot of hooves in other words.

6. I have a fascination for Occult things and themes. 

7. I’m nearsighted. 

8. I love psychology! I read a lot of books on it! just the way the mind works and why we behave like we do and Arhgtrjsf.. so interesting! 

9. My favorite band at the moment is Radical face I think. If you like depressing songs, you should listen to them.

10. I’m currently growing out my hair. IT’s gonne be long long long before i chop it all off again! ~ OuO

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The tiny table cvinter and I shared at Schmucks yesterday! We forgot to bring our own table cloth.. and a good camera… But it was great fun, got to talk to a lot of cool people ~

This was a lot of fun. We got to meet a lot of cool people! Nothing is more nice than having great music, a drink and a bunch of cool art around you!